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Inspired by the Salon's of France, the Salon Series is for women's development both professionally and personally. 



Dinner gatherings where with intellectual rigour and questioning;  with evolutionary intent and wisdom, we seek to keep crossing the bridge to new outcomes and better realities.

A forum for women to put the feminine lens on our lives, our work and our world. 

Click on A Seat At The Table above for
April 27 2024 event the Female Lens in Film
Kelowna BC

Lunch Date
Dinner Table

Having a seat at the table can have more power & leverage outside of the corporate organizational system. 

Conversations seeding future vision with a collaborative and purposeful intent
to make new  pathways.

They offer maps of forward movement.
They ground us in a new language of possibility
and then probability.

"There is a new lens for our times.  The old leadership models, culture, change & transformational frameworks are obsolete. We are in a paradigm shift that we cannot turn back from. The only effective choice is to evolve our consciousness; to become the next version of who we could be. We need  innovation, depth of perspective and a corresponding new vision for this ever-changing environment. This is the task of new leadership." 


+  778 788 5595

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